"How I edit my pictures"



During this training you will learn how to use my presets.

Set of presets includes:

-RB Black * 1 - my favorite preset for black and white photos. It works very well in dark areas, where there are big differences between light and shadow.

-RB Black * 2 - works great both outdoors and indoors. Through the tonal curve it gives a pretty strong Vintage look.

-RB Color * 1 - my favorite preset for color photos. You can adjust the color of your photos using the temperature and tint or of lights and shadows sliders in split-toning. It works very well in all lighting conditions, both outdoors and indoors.

-RB Color * 2 - less contrast than Color * 1. It also works very well under all lighting conditions both outdoors and indoors. It has a delicate magenta color that you can adjust with Tint, Color / HSL sliders or split toning.


P.S. If you do not hear the sound then turn up the volume to max, or I recommend using a headset. ;)