Alternative wedding in Iceland - Kevin & Wesley


Kevin and Wesley and their very non classic wedding in Iceland.


Kevin+Wesley’s Journey



In 1978, Wesley was born in Charleston, West Virginia. Less than a year later, Kevin was born on the other side of the world in Penang, Malaysia. At age 4, Kevin moved to Vancouver, Canada. He left at the age of 17 to study in Philadelphia, beginning his life in the United States. At age 8, Wesley moved to Mystic, Connecticut. He left at the age of 17 to study in London, but returned to the United States after graduating.

Parallel Paths

Their lives eventually brought them to Boston at the same time in 2003, and then to New York City three years later. They were living in the same cities, but oddly, their paths hadn’t yet crossed.



Their paths finally converged in February of 2012, but their first date didn’t happen until a few months later; there was a lot going on in their lives at that time. They met at a little tiki bar in SoHo that’s now no longer there. Neither of them walked in with any expectations beyond tasty tropical cocktails and casual conversation, but they both walked out knowing that they wanted to see each other again.


As Spring turned into Summer, cocktails turned into adventures. They explored the city together — concerts, jazz nights, art galleries, outdoor dance parties. It turned out they loved a lot of the same things. Some of them were obvious, like their taste in clothes, music, and food. But others were more unexpected, like their mutual passion for aviation.

It eventually lead to their first plane-spotting date at JFK. It was early September. They rented a car and drove out to a park near JFK Airport to spend an afternoon watching planes take off and land. A few weeks later, they stumbled upon an interesting experience: a 5K race that would take place on a runway at La Guardia Airport. They knew they had to go. And when they went, it was simply amazing. They didn’t even care about running — they barely ran the race. Instead, they posed and Instagrammed each other on the runway while everyone else ran ahead. They came in nearly last, but it didn’t matter to them. From that point on, they knew they had both found something rare in each other.


Stormy Weather

October came to a chaotic end with Hurricane Sandy striking the Eastern Seaboard. It paralyzed the New York City. With no easy way to get around the city, they decided to camp out at Kevin’s place until things settled down. The chaos outside gave them plenty of time to focus on their Halloween costumes at home — they were going to be Mr. and Mrs. Fox (from Wes Anderson’s Fantastic Mr. Fox).

When the weather finally settled down, they ended up going to some random Halloween parties around Brooklyn. Not even a hurricane could stop them. Eventually, they ended up at a small bar in Williamsburg that was empty except for a few brave, costumed adventurers. A new song from Grimes came on, and it was just the two of them dancing dreamily together in an empty bar, in papier mâché fox masks.

Ready for Takeoff

Kevin and Wesley’s relationship was now measured by their travels, marked by take-offs and landings at JFK Airport. When they stumbled on the opportunity to take part in a 5K run on one of JFK’s spectacular runways, they immediately signed up. They brought their sensibilities from the La Guardia Runway Run to JFK, Instagramming their way to last place across the finish line. This became an annual rite. And last year, it became hallowed ground when Kevin kneeled down on the tarmac and proposed to Wesley as over 1000 runners ran past. Wesley said “yes!”

It was one of the most unexpected, memorable, and meaningful moments in their relationship. It was a turning point — a time when they decided to commit to their relationship built on shared passions for aviation, travel, odd animals, and adventure. It simply made sense.



In 2015, Kevin and Wesley took their first trip to Iceland (on their way to the Paris Air Show). As they drove around the Ring Road, they were awestruck by the landscape’s raw, rugged beauty. It held so many possibilities for adventure. They vowed to return.

Shortly after their engagement, they decided that having a destination wedding would be the best way to honor their love of travel. Iceland quickly rose to the top of their list, as they wanted to share their amazing adventures here with their closest friends and family.

Into the Unknown

So here we are today, as Kevin and Wesley vow to share a life committed to adventure together.  As they continue exploring this vast world, they will feed their curiosity to further nourish and strengthen their relationship.


Venue: Hótel Búðir

Country: Iceland

Photography: Rafał Bojar

Camera and lenses: Nikon D750 +Sigma Art 35mm +85mm


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Adventure Elopement in Azores with Twyla Jones and Gary Wiggam





I am very happy that you’ve ended up here. This place is as amazing as every story on my website.. I write this story to fit the people who have trusted me and decided to invite me into their honest world of friendship and love. Here you won’t find beautiful portraits, details, and nuptial pomposity. Here you will find something much more valuable.See for yourself.  I encourage you to see a short film which I’ve decided to name ‘human’s are the real monsters’.  The film is an inseparable part of this story. It is about how we put on various masks when we are adults. We are afraid to be our real selves. We are scared to be honest because we are afraid to be viewed negatively by others.


Bardzo cieszę się, że trafiłeś w to miejsce. Jest ono niezwykłe jak niezwykła jest każda pojawiająca się tutaj historia. Historie te szyję na miarę ludziom, którzy mi zaufali i postanowili zaprosić mnie do swojego szczerego świata przyjaźni i miłości. Nie znajdziesz tutaj pięknych portretów, detali, ślubnego nadęcia. Znajdziesz tutaj coś znacznie bardziej wartościowego.Przekonaj się o tym sam. Zachęcam Cię do obejrzenia krótkiego filmu, który postanowiłem nazwać ‘human’s are the real monsters’. Film jest nieodłączną częścią tej historii. Opowiada o tym, że będąc dorosłym przywdziewamy różne maski. Boimy się być prawdziwym sobą. Boimy się być szczerzy, ponieważ nie chcemy być żle postrzegani przez innych.


STEP II: please watch thiS movie.



This sometimes leads to a situation in which we get lost in the world of adults and start playing a game played by everyone. When we are children we possess much more freedom to be ourselves. If we put on a mask it is only to have fun for a short while, but it is only a game. It is also the fear of being an adult, because adults can behave like real monsters towards others.


Doprowadza to czasami do sytuacji gdzie gubimy się w świecie dorosłych i zaczynamy grać w grę, w którą grają wszyscy. Gdy jesteśmy dziećmi mamyznacznie większą swobodę bycia sobą. Jeżeli zakładamy maski to tylko aby pobawić się przez chwilę, ale jest to tylko zabawa.Jest to także strach przed byciem dorosłym bo dorośli czasem potrafią zachowywać się w stosunku do innych jak prawdziwe potwory.



I dedicate this story to Twyla, Gary, Oscar, and Ari who have decided to let me in to their real world. No one has put on a mask, everyone was honest and devoted when creating this story. Thank you for everything you have done for me. Gary, I would like to thank you especially for the fishing and motorboat trips. Twyla, thank you for being a wonderful person and a great artist. Oscar and Ari, I want to thank you for being the best kids I’ve met in the States. It was sheer pleasure to be able to create this story for you. 


Historię dedykuję Twyli, Garemu Oscarowi i Ariemu, którzy postanowili wpuść mnie do swojego prawdziwego świata. Nikt nie przybierał tutaj masek, był szczery i oddany podczas tworzenia tej historii. Dziękuję Wam za wszystko co dla mnie zrobiliście. Gary tobię dziękuję szczególnie za wyprawy na ryby oraz podróże motorówką. Twyla Tobie dziękuję za byciem cudowną osobą i wspaniałym artystą. Oscar i Ari Wam chciałbym podziękować za to że jesteście najlepszymi dzieciakami jakie poznałem w stanach. To była czysta przyjemność móc zrobić dla Was tą historię. 





The wedding day...

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