Rafał, 32.

Nice to meet you.

I assume that you are here because you understand the essence of wedding photography .

Pure feelings, honest emotions. True love stories.

I’m sure that here you found a photographer who could capture this moment.

The moment of love.

For many years I’ve been working as a flight attendant.  I’ve spent hundreds of hours to find my vocation, my “ground”.

Now I know I can call this “ground” an “inspiration”.

That’s why I’ve chosen to travel around the world for you. For your love.

There is an exceptional story inside every relationship and the wedding is a moment of its celebration.

I try to reveal the real life, with no interference in your intimacy.

I am fascinated by the uniqueness and mostly inspired by the analogue photography. I love rustic, outdoor weddings.

I am based in Poland but I would be happy to take my camera and go for adventures, wherever they are and wherever you need me.

Behind the scenes from my recent love stories.